XK9350A CNC Roller Crescent Grooves Miller

XK9350A  CNC Roller Crescent Grooves Miller

In the size range of 6–50mm, reinforced concrete hot-rolled with rib rein-forced steel roll crescent slot, such as high rib groove processing applies to XK9350 series CNC roll milling machine for the crescent. With a high degree of automation, high processing precision, high cutting efficiency machine is easy to operate, safe and reliable, low labor intensity. Especially XK9350ZF-1 is more suitable for the processing of Tungsten carbide roll rings, High speed steel and the composite roll. It can be milled grooves, engraving machine and so on characteristics.

  • It is ideal name writing machine. A piece of marking toll is able to do marking about 100 passes.The cost for one pass marking is only about US$1.00.
  • All English letters from A to Z and all numbers from 0-9 have been stored in CNC programs. You can pick up any English letter and number for name writing by your self.
  • Besides that this machine is able to do crescent notching.
  • Germany SIEMENS controller c/w ’step motor’. Beat all China made PC base controller.
  • Fast notching and logo marking.
  • Automatic lubricant pump give guide way lubricant automatically. Avoiding lack of lubrication by one-shot manual lubricant pump.
  • Available for Ni-Cr casting iron roll, S.G roll, Admite roll and H.S.steel roll.
Item XK9350A
Max.Diameter of roller φ100—-φ500mm
Max.Length of roller 2500mm
Suitable for threaded steel sizes φ6—φ50mm
Cutting and milling method Milling heard swivel cutting
Rotation of main milling head shaft 30–3000rpm/2.2KW
Min.feed unit 0.001mm(AC servo drive)
Conical hole for main heard frame shaft MT5
Chuck of main head frame shaft Φ400mm
CNC system According to clients’ requirements
Power of main motor 380V/50HZ
Dimension(L×W×H) 4000×1580×1900
Machine weight 4700kg
Remarks Normal Material Rolls