High Speed Steel Roll

HSS rolls have high hardness and good wear resistance at high temperature. These rolls are manufactured by Centrifugal Casting(CC) method and the roll core is filed with spheroidal graphite cast iron. The adequate chemical composition control and proper heat treatment ensures the hardness of roll working layer to reach as high as 80-85HSC. Uniformly distributed complex carbides of Vanadium, Tungsten, Niobium and Molybdenum in the martensitic matrix ensures uniform hardness of working layer and uniform wear out in the roll passes. These types of rolls are used for finishing stands to increase productivity and improve surface quality of rolled piece.

High Speed Steel Roll

RHCNC-high speed steel roll

The microstructure of HSS roll shows fine and diffuse carbide of MC and M6C embedded in the Martensite. The performance of wear resistance, thermal hardness and thermal fatigue resistance of HSS roll is excellent.


high speed steel roll-CHEMICAL COMPOSITION


high speed steel roll-PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE